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Journalist Silenced

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Editor: Nagaraja.M.R.. Vol.14..Issue.01........07 / 01 / 2018

Nagaraja Mysuru Raghupathi ,
Editor & Publisher ,  Dalit  Online  ,
# LIG 2 , No 761, HUDCO  First Stage,
Laxmikantanagar , Hebbal ,
Mysuru – 570017.

 Honourable District Magistrate ,
Mysuru District ,
Mysuru – 570001

Dear Sir ,
 Subject :  Web Paper Registration & Press  Accreditation
           Journalists  are those  who collect , analyze ,  report  & publish  news.    As per law  in India, Journalists are not granted any special rights or privileges and are on par with the  Citizens of India. Every citizen of India has the right to question the government , public servants about their public duties.  Journalists & citizens have the same , equal rights & responsibilities as per law.  Paradox is  those questioning citizens are made fun of & silenced by authorities.
           As per law in India , Digital News Papers are  not registered. Since years our publication is  not registered  and even press accreditation is denied to us ( at the behest of powers that be / mafia ? ) , whereas even those  journalists  covering  cookery , lottery  , movies are given press accreditation.  Press Accreditation is  an administrative convenience mechanism  by authorities  giving access to journalists.  If a Journalist or Citizen  does not have press accreditation  that does not entitle authorities to deny him access to information , news. Sadly , authorities are doing that which is against law.
         Hereby , I  am  once again submitting declaration  about my two web news paper publications  and request you for  officially noting it ( as registration is not  legally possible )  and to issue me press accreditation. I am herewith submitting  my  application digitally signed by me together  with  ID proofs , for your needful.

Date :  07.01.2018                                                                                   Thanking You,
Place : Mysuru                                                                                         Nagaraja Mysuru Raghupathi.
                                                                                                                 ( Nagaraja.M.R. )
Copies sent to :
1.       Honourable Chief Justice of India , Supreme Court of India , New Delhi.
2.       Honourable Chairman , National Human Rights Commission , New Dehi.
3.       Honourable High Commissioner , OHCHR , United Nations , Geneva , Switzerland.

Editorial :  Birth  of   DALIT  ONLINE

    Dalit  means  “ Oppressed  Person” .  DALIT  term  refers to all  Oppressed  human beings  irrespective of caste , religion , region , ideology  they belong to.  It doesn’t refer  to a particular  caste alone. Nowadays human beings are treated worse than animals on the basis of their caste or  religion  or poverty  or social status.  Dalits  must be respected , their human rights protected , towards this end  Baba Saheb Dr.B R Ambedkar  drafted our Indian constitution. He has personally suffered  untouchability , oppression throught his life , seen many dalits undergoing the grind. To alleviate their sufferings , to provide them a dignified life , to protect their human rights he drafted our constitution  envisioning equality for all. He  never intended  to uplift somebody by pushing down , suppressing others.  He wanted to uplift downtrodden to the level of dignity.
  To  air grievances of Dalits to the authorities  and to appeal  for justice “ DALIT  ONLINE” e news weekly is born on UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS DAY ( 10.12.2017 ).  All our  three publications Indian’s Diary , Dalit’s Diary & Dalit Online  merges herewith and the name of merged entity , publication is “ DALIT ONLINE” with weekly periodicity. Let us strive towards an  equitable society as  eulogized below  by Rabindranath Tagore :
Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.


Name : ...........................NAGARAJA.M.R.

Address : ...................LIG-2 / 761 , HUDCO FIRST STAGE , OPP

Old  Titles :  Dalit’s Diary , Indian’s  Diary  & Dalit Online

Title  of New  Paper  formed by merger of above three news weeklies :  DALIT  ONLINE

Periodicity : WEEKLY


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Monetary Gains : nil , never made any monetary gain by way of advertisements on my websites or web news paper or otherwise.

Owner/Editor/Printer/Publisher : NAGARAJA.M.R.

Nationality : INDIAN

Body Donation : Physical Body of Nagaraja M R , Editor , DALIT  ONLINE   is donated to JSS Medical College , Mysore ( Donation No. 167 dated 22 / 10 / 2003 ) , In case of either Unnatural death or Natural Death at the hands of criminal nexus , my body must be handed over to JSS Medical College , Mysore for the study purposes of medical students.

Eye Donation : Both EYES of Nagaraja M R , Editor ,  DALIT  ONLINE  are donated to Mysore Eye Bank , Mysore , In case of either Unnatural death or Natural Death at the hands of criminal nexus , my eyes must be handed over to Mysore Eye Bank , Mysore WITHIN 6 Hours for immediate eye transplantation to the needy.

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Cell :   91  8970318202

It is the duty of Supreme Court of India to Protect , Guard the constitutional rights , fundamental rights of every Indian citizen . Since 25 years  I am  appealing  to SCI  about  issues concerning public welfare , national security , etc and as a result suffering injustices , my constitutional rights , human rights are repeatedly violated  but SCI is mum even when repeated appeals were made to it. Paradoxically , after these appeals for justice , I have suffered more injustices , attempts on my life were made ,  physically assaulted , livelihood  / jobs were  denied , news publication closed , press accreditation denied ,  received threatening  calls , blank calls, even to date  rough elements follow us , rough elements  scout  near home at mid night. Does  not these indicate some ties between rough elements & SCI  Judges ?

Public Interest Litigation is an appeal  for justice  to the courts , to redress  the injustices meted out to  the public.  Individual cases of injustices  pertaining to an individual are not covered under PIL, however  an individual an activist  who  is fighting for public causes  suffering  injustices  as a result of   his struggle  ,caused by powers that be to silence him  can club  his individual case under the public causes  (PIL ) he is  appealing.

Nowadays people of questionable character , integrity  are being selected to public posts , end result is present day india.  In the following web sites I have shown  few actual cases of crimes by judges & police , just imagine what type of justice common man gets.
Traitors  in   Indian  Judiciary & Police
Crimes  by  Khaki
https://www.scribd.com/document/334590032/Crimes-by-Khaki  ,
 Police show full bravery , courage , use  full might of law while acting against innocents , commoners. Even  takes suo motto action. Frequently crosses legal limits  while acting against commoners like 3rd degree torture , arrest / search  , seizure without warrant , arrest in mid night , etc . While they are supposed to take action against rich crooks , their own corrupt colleagues  no suo motto action , delayed action inspite of complaint  allowing time for rich crook to get anticipatory bail , no 3rd degree torture on him , no arrest , search , seizure without warrant. Where is the bravery , courage of police ?
Judges show their full wisdom , apply rigid law book while  judging cases of commoners , take suo motto action  where as  cases involving rich crooks comes before them inspite of repeated PILs they don’t consider it , let alone take suo motto action. Judges make far fetched interpretations of law , ultimately benefitting the rich crook. Where is the wisdom of Judges ?

I ,NAGARAJA.M.R. hereby do declare that information given above are true to the best of my knowledge & belief. If i am repeatedly called to police station or else where for the sake of investigations , the losses i do incurr as a result like loss of wages , transportation , job , etc must be borne by the government. prevoiusly the police / IB personnel repeatedly called me the complainant (sufferer of injustices) to police station for questioning , but never called the guilty culprits , rich crooks , criminals even once to police station for questioning , as the culprits are high & mighty . this type of one sided questioning must not be done by police or investigating agencies . if anything untoward happens to me or to my family members like loss of job , meeting with hit & run accidents , loss of lives , death due to improper medical care , etc , the jurisdictional police together with above mentioned accussed public servants will be responsible for it. Even if criminal nexus levels fake charges , police file fake cases against me or my dependents to silence me , this complaint is & will be effective.
   Powers that  be , higher ups have referred all my previous cases to police although in most of the cases  police don’t  have jurisdiction over it.  It  sends  a subtle message by police force to  the  complainant  to keep silent . In the remaining cases  which are under their jurisdiction police  don’t act against higher ups , high & mighty. In such cases police lack  practical powers , their hands are tied although they  are  honest.  As a end result , police  have repeatedly called   me to police station  number of  times  ( have never called guilty  influential persons even once)  took  statement  from  me and closed  the files.  Hereby , I do make it clear  the statements made by me  in my original petitions , PILs , news papers  , etc  while I was in  a free & fair atmosphere  are  TRUE  , over rides , prevails over all the statements made by me before police  earlier and  which will be made by me  in future before police.

If I or my family members or my dependents are denied our fundamental rights , human rights , denied proper medical care for ourselves , If anything untoward happens to me or to my dependents or to my family members - In such case Chief Justice of India together with the jurisdictional revenue & police officials will be responsible for it , in such case the government of india is liable to pay Rs. TWO crore as compensation to survivors of my family. if my whole family is eliminated by the criminal nexus ,then that compensation money must be donated to Indian Army Welfare Fund. Afterwards , the money must be recovered by GOI as land arrears from the salary , pension , property , etc of guilty police officials , Judges , public servants & Constitutional functionaries.
On this Universal Human Rights Day  all our three news weeklies  DALIT’S  DIARY ,  INDIAN’S  DIARY  & DALIT  ONLINE  are merged  to form a single  news weekly  with  name of  DALIT  ONLINE.

date :  10.12..2017…………………………..Your's sincerely,

place : India…………………………………...Nagaraja.M.R.


Edited, printed , published owned by NAGARAJA.M.R. @  # LIG-2   No  761, HUDCO  FIRST  STAGE , OPP WATER WORKS , LAXMIKANTANAGAR , HEBBAL ,MYSURU – 570017  KARNATAKA  INDIA     Cell : 91 8970318202
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